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Sustained an injury? Sports physiotherapy may help

If you are involved in physical activities – even low-impact pursuits like gardening and walking, there’s a chance that you will experience an injury at some stage. When you get hurt, knowing what to do next can be confusing. The most important thing is to make sure that the injury is diagnosed correctly by a qualified health practitioner so that the right treatment can be delivered. Sports physiotherapy may help.

Sustained an injury? Here’s what to do next

Both physiotherapists and doctors are able to diagnose the problem and will request scans to be done. Physios that see patients who have been referred to them, after being assessed first by a doctor, are known as “secondary contact” physiotherapists. On the other hand, physiotherapists who can directly see patients for acute injuries are “primary contact” physiotherapists. Most primary contact physiotherapists are completely in charge of the patient’s issue, and that is usually because they have extensive experience in treating patients with urgent conditions. They also have knowledge of other areas such as radiology, giving them expert skills and holistic capabilities towards managing musculoskeletal issues. These can involve issues in muscles, tendon, ligaments and various other issues.

Sustained an injury? Should I see a GP or physio first?

A doctor in an emergency is always the port of call if your injury is serious – e.g., a suspected broken bone. Seeing a physiotherapist first is the best for treating a musculoskeletal injury. If you have sustained a sports injury, it’s often better to see a physio directly rather than seeing a GP first. A physio can very accurately diagnose your problem and in a specialised way because it concerns their field (muscle and joint injuries). An effective diagnosis can lead to fast treatment and quicker recovery times. A physiotherapist will also refer you for certain types of x-rays that can be bulk-billed. Physiotherapists can also put things in place to kickstart the rehabilitation process. For example, they can apply a splint, brace, cast or strap it. Based on their advanced knowledge of the joints and muscles, physiotherapists know exactly if and when another orthopaedic specialist needs to get involved and they can provide a referral as well. 

Bulk-billed physiotherapy in Alexandra Hills

One Life Medical offers bulk-billed physio if you have a valid GP Management Care Plan. Mr John Den-Kaat is now consulting on Wednesdays. To book an appointment, please call 07 3824 8144. Alternatively, you can book online or download the app for iPhone or Android devices and make bookings directly from your phone. For further information on Mr Den-Kaat’s services, please call reception on 07 3824 8144.


Introducing John Den-Kaat
Offering a one-to-one whole-person treatment approach, John Den-Kaat graduated as a Chartered Physiotherapist in Glasgow in 1990 and worked within the UK’s National Health Service as a Senior Physiotherapist before moving to the Redlands in 1998. Mr Den-Kaat uses a hands-on approach to treat the root cause of conditions through scientific-based education and preventative patient-centred management strategies, not just the symptoms. He offers free treatments for those affected by homelessness in Brisbane city and has assisted volunteer medical teams in Northern Vanuatu.

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